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Doing The Work With Jon & Jarrett Key

The marriage between art and activism has been impactful in addressing social injustices and flawed cultural structures in nearly every modern political movement. From photojournalism to protest songs, to picket signs, to paintings depicting civil unrest, art has the power to evoke visceral reactions and in the best case scenario, serve as a call-to-action to those who consume it.

Twin brothers and creative mavens Jon & Jarrett Key exemplify this kind of power through their extensive and complex work that exists simultaneously in the art world and within their personal community. We chatted with them about their background of being prodigal scholarship kids from the deep south to game-changing multidisciplinary artists who’ve created space for QTPOC creatives in an effort to expand and take ownership over their narratives.

Keeping It Funky With Sal Yvat

Everyday when we wake up and get dressed, we put together outfits that say something about who we are. Though fashion is a large part of American culture, having a distinct personal style takes wearing clothes to the next level. I haven’t met anyone with style quite like Memphis-bred stylist, Sal Yvat. From working with Nike and buzzworthy singer-songwriter Ravyn Lenae, to styling an entire cast of women for a stage play, Sal is well on her way to becoming a well-known stylist in the fashion world. We chatted with her about her southern upbringing, why she’s inspired by church ladies, best methods for thrift shopping and how to hone your personal style.

Ascending With Brik.Liam

As a visionary and soulful melody carrier of the modern R&B world, Brik.liam, the man holding the mysterious red balloon, is a fascinating spirit of many talents. Somewhere in between opening for Lalah Hathaway and splashing onto the iTunes R&B top 10, Brik finds the time to remain humble and loyal to his craft. Brik has amassed a cult following with his seductive covers from his acclaimed Vocal Disc Jockey project and silky records like #theascensionLP. There is a war on love, music, and authenticity and brik.liam continues to ascend the culture while remaining true in the ultimate battle of self exploration and fulfillment. Creativity is boundless and brik.liam is not to be placed in anyone's box. Too busy getting lost in the art, Brik.liam’s artistic journey is still being written and we are thrilled to have a chapter in it.

UNPOPCULTR PREMIERE: "To-Do" A Short Film by Efe Kabba

Being daunted by all of the things we want to do but can never seem to make time for has become a social norm. In her debut short film, Efe Kabba perfectly captures just how this self-induced pressure can drive someone to madness. We had the pleasure of chatting with her about the film and the incessant need to bite off more than we can chew, that so many of us can relate to.

Pushing The Envelope with Iman N. Milner

Actress, Writer and Producer Iman N. Milner, doesn’t ask for permission. And rightfully so-- she doesn’t need it. She didn’t need it when she co-produced, co-wrote and starred in her own short film or when she wrote and self-published a book of poetry inspired by a really bad breakup. She didn’t even need it when she wrote one of her first short stories as a child about an Elmo toothbrush. Beyond achieving creative accomplishments without asking for permission or waiting for someone to give her a big break, what stands out most about her is that in a world full of fame-hungry opportunists and Instagram clones she is her authentic self. An underlying attitude of living her truth shines through in the work she has done including writing about deeply personal experiences, creating a platform for women to celebrate the beauty of imperfection and pushing the envelope of what it means to be a Black actress in the rapidly changing yet persistently unsettled culture of Hollywood.  

Sparking Conversation with Georgina Arroyo

Multidisciplinary artist Georgina Arroyo has been successful in creating work that challenges the way we think and conduct ourselves. We chatted with her about self-image in the age of social  media, men who send shitty text messages, swimming through the endless sea of talent in the New York art scene and maneuvering through art hierarchies as an artist who is both a woman and person of color.

Getting Groovy with Louis Vaughn

In today’s world where the masses consume music solely to be entertained instead of viewing it as an art form to connect to, how does an artist  maintain integrity in their work while still holding the attention of fickle listener’s with short attention spans? Louis Vaughn may have an answer.