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'If Beale Street Could Talk' Actress Ebony Obsidian to Star In Dutch Horror 'Swipe"

Swipe tells the story of a student (Obsidian) who is on her way home when she suddenly matches with a guy that she never swiped right in the first place. While on the subway, he pops up again and this time he has uploaded a new photo, showing him also on the subway. Coincidence, or is he getting closer and closer?

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UNPOPCULTR PREMIERE: "To-Do" A Short Film by Efe Kabba

Being daunted by all of the things we want to do but can never seem to make time for has become a social norm. In her debut short film, Efe Kabba perfectly captures just how this self-induced pressure can drive someone to madness. We had the pleasure of chatting with her about the film and the incessant need to bite off more than we can chew, that so many of us can relate to.

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