Web Series: Undecided

Undecided Series Launch Key Art.png

College is supposed to be one of the best times of your life, but it can also be pretty stressful. It’s a lot of pressure to figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life. Add in social media, and the anxiety is amplified. Zuri, Cameron, and Alexis are three friends trying to balance juggling classes, relationships, and a social life. Every day they must deal with the unending whirlwind of choices that come with college life. The show follows these friends from three very different backgrounds, as they embark on their Sophomore year at Southern State University in Atlanta, GA. Ultimately, they’re just trying to figure out life and make it to graduation day.

UNDECIDED examines not only these three black youth from the South, but also the American Education System, the concept of The American Dream and their effects on our youth. The series observes the modern black experience through an authentic lens of three malleable young adults. This is real life, no filter. Themes such as identity, intersectionality, mental health, and socioeconomics will be heavily analyzed through the daily decisions made by Zuri, Cam, and Alexis.

Created by Shandrea Evans, the dramedy webseries has launched on YouTube and can be found via the Undecided YouTube Channel. Shot in Atlanta, UNDECIDED incorporates music and other media from indie artists of color.

In Episode 1, “Refund or Reality Check” , it’s the weekend before classes start and Zuri needs books, but that refund check hasn't hit yet. Her best friend Cam is along for support, as long as they make it in time for happy hour at Apple Bee's.

For more information visit www.undecidedseries.com or follow on all social media @undecidedseries.