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Pushing The Envelope with Iman N. Milner

Actress, Writer and Producer Iman N. Milner, doesn’t ask for permission. And rightfully so-- she doesn’t need it. She didn’t need it when she co-produced, co-wrote and starred in her own short film or when she wrote and self-published a book of poetry inspired by a really bad breakup. She didn’t even need it when she wrote one of her first short stories as a child about an Elmo toothbrush. Beyond achieving creative accomplishments without asking for permission or waiting for someone to give her a big break, what stands out most about her is that in a world full of fame-hungry opportunists and Instagram clones she is her authentic self. An underlying attitude of living her truth shines through in the work she has done including writing about deeply personal experiences, creating a platform for women to celebrate the beauty of imperfection and pushing the envelope of what it means to be a Black actress in the rapidly changing yet persistently unsettled culture of Hollywood.