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The Complicated Rise of J.Lo

“Lopez’s level of success, as a woman and as a Latinx artist, has layered intricacies to what she symbolizes as a pop culture icon today. To her large Latinx fanbase, and especially in the United States, she’s the ultimate status to aspire to when it comes to making it as a Latinx in America, without sacrificing your heritage and who you are. On the other hand, her career simultaneously showcases the marketing mindsets of industry executives then and now and how Black artists have and will continue to shape the cultural landscape of art, music and beyond, whether they receive the due credit, acknowledgement and praise they deserve or not. In an age where fans demand the utmost transparency from their favorite artists, maybe a nod of acknowledgement from Lopez regarding who helped shape her musical success, is all that people ask of her.”

6 Musicians From The 6ix You Need to Know

Toronto, now commonly referred to as The 6ix as popularized by Drake, is a city of immense musical talent. Yea, you've probably heard a million songs by Drake and The Weekend but the 6ix is home to an array of artists who are capable of cultivating unique sounds. Here are a few artists hailing from Toronto you should should know: 

Ascending With Brik.Liam

As a visionary and soulful melody carrier of the modern R&B world, Brik.liam, the man holding the mysterious red balloon, is a fascinating spirit of many talents. Somewhere in between opening for Lalah Hathaway and splashing onto the iTunes R&B top 10, Brik finds the time to remain humble and loyal to his craft. Brik has amassed a cult following with his seductive covers from his acclaimed Vocal Disc Jockey project and silky records like #theascensionLP. There is a war on love, music, and authenticity and brik.liam continues to ascend the culture while remaining true in the ultimate battle of self exploration and fulfillment. Creativity is boundless and brik.liam is not to be placed in anyone's box. Too busy getting lost in the art, Brik.liam’s artistic journey is still being written and we are thrilled to have a chapter in it.