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Illustrating The Bigger Picture With Deepti Sunder

Visual artist Deepti Sunder has led a life of defying convention and immersing herself in exploration. As a self-proclaimed escapist, her work ranges from whimsical to vibrant and to some, it can even be a little enigmatic.

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Hello My Name Is Angel Ray

I'm an all around wordsmith. Musically inclined and lyrically SICK, my creativity expresses itself in the form of poetry, singing, rapping, prose writing (mostly fiction), screenwriting, and acting. Although I've been singing since I could talk, I didn't start writing my own songs until middle school. In high school, I found out I could rap and I actually had stage presence- It opened up a WHOLE NEW WORLD for me! I started performing my original material at local venues and even did a bit of studio recording, but still nothing major came of it.

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