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Kehinde Wiley Challenges French Colonialism and Celebrates Māhū Indentity

In his latest work, Kehinde Wiley celebrates the identity of Tahitian Māhū people. Māhū loosely translates to “trans” and is a term to describe those of a third gender. Historically, Māhū people were deeply respected and often served as healers, priests, teachers and keepers of the culture in Native Hawaiian and Tahitian communities. 

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Illustrating The Bigger Picture With Deepti Sunder

Visual artist Deepti Sunder has led a life of defying convention and immersing herself in exploration. As a self-proclaimed escapist, her work ranges from whimsical to vibrant and to some, it can even be a little enigmatic.

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Doing The Work With Jon & Jarrett Key

The marriage between art and activism has been impactful in addressing social injustices and flawed cultural structures in nearly every modern political movement. From photojournalism to protest songs, to picket signs, to paintings depicting civil unrest, art has the power to evoke visceral reactions and in the best case scenario, serve as a call-to-action to those who consume it.

Twin brothers and creative mavens Jon & Jarrett Key exemplify this kind of power through their extensive and complex work that exists simultaneously in the art world and within their personal community. We chatted with them about their background of being prodigal scholarship kids from the deep south to game-changing multidisciplinary artists who’ve created space for QTPOC creatives in an effort to expand and take ownership over their narratives.

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