7 Tips For Overcoming Creative Blocks

7 Tips For Overcoming Creative Blocks

Written by LaChelle Chrysanne

Whether it’s writer’s block or feeling like your ideas are shit, we’ve all been there. Here are a few tips to get you through when you feel stuck in a creative rut.


Freewriting can be a useful tool for creatives of all mediums. Author of The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron recommends writing what she calls ‘morning pages’ --- 3 longhand pages of stream of consciousness, preferably first thing in the morning. In writing your thoughts down, no matter how trivial or silly, you’re able to declutter your mind and make headspace for all of those creative ideas that are just waiting to burst out.


Sometimes we have goals that are so big that  just the thought of everything it takes to accomplish them discourages us from getting started. Start small by writing down one goal with bullet points of each step it will take to accomplish it. Once you have an idea of the necessary steps, focus on the first step and break that down into microsteps. Your goals are more likely to manifest themselves if they are written down than if they’re just in your brain floating around waiting for the right moment or directive.


The daily grind can be draining for creatives, especially if you have to work a regular job in addition to pursuing creative endeavors. One way to be proactive about getting the right side of your brain moving is to do things that will stimulate it. Coloring in coloring books has been proven to have many positive mental and emotional benefits. Most notably, coloring in a coloring book utilizes both sides of the brain which we seldom do when adulting and performing mundane tasks. Other activities that help activate the right side of your brain are crafts, cooking, and creating vision boards -- pretty much anything that requires the use of your hands can be useful in getting your creative juices flowing.


Speaking of vision boards, another way to inspire you while in a rut is to place affirming and inspirational images in your personal space. Quotes, photos, posts-its of your goals, whatever it is, hang up some images to reinforce what you’re passionate about in places you'll see them everyday. 


Yep, that’s right. Go for a good ol fashion Mr. Rogers walk. It’s been scientifically proven that going for a walk helps with coming up with new ideas. Aside from that, you can find inspiration in your surroundings. Overhearing conversations, nature, animals, street art and scenery all can aid in coming up with story concepts, inspiring lyrics or giving you ideas for visual art work.


If you’re feeling uninspired, go out into the world to find inspiration. Art galleries, museums, record stores, concerts, movies and reading books are all great places to start. The beautiful thing about being an artist is that there’s an infinite number of other artists in the world who have created work to inspire you.


The truth is you’re not always going to feel creative and that’s okay. When we are feeling blocked, it’s sometimes a indicator that we may need to take a break from creating to regroup and refuel our creative juices. Chill out, spend time with loved ones, get some extra sleep, be lazy for a day but whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up for not feeling creative. Your talent did not die, you will be inspired to create again and when you do it’ll be dope!

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