1.6 Million Ringtones of "Bossy" Were Sold and Kelis Didn't Receive a Dime

On a recent episode of The Founder Hour, singer-turned-chef Kelis chats about her journey through signing her first record deal at age 17 to shifting careers and going to culinary school. 

She talks in detail about how the music industry changed around 2007 right before the United States economy crashed and when her album Kelis Was Here which featured hit single "Bossy" had just been released. It was during this pre-streaming era that people were slowly moving away from purchasing albums and moving onto illegal downloads which meant less money was being made in the industry even if you had a radio hit. 

Recalling a conversation she had with Jive Records executive Barry Weiss she says:

"I remember being like 'Yo, what's going on with my record?' and Barry Weiss looked at me so distinctively and said ... "We sold 1.6 million ringtones on 'Bossy' alone, I don't give a crap about your record'... but because of the nature of the business, I didn't see any of that money because there were no rules for that yet."

Listen to the full interview below: