Hello My Name Is Ryan Leone


I am a professional photographer and videographer. I live in beautiful Astoria New York and work all through out the world utilizing my creative mind and talent for people and brands. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with  great companies to bring their message and culture through video and photography. 

Photography and videography to me is a way of bringing the vision of a person and a brand to life through a creative light. Additionally, I also specialize in drone photography and videography. It takes my photography and the photography of my clients to a higher level. I’m always looking for new and exciting opportunities to share my creativity with a brand or a client. You can check out all my work below. Please contact me with any request or ideas at Ryan@blkandwhtmedia.com

Photography: Ryanjleone.com 
Video Production: Blkandwhtmedia.com 
Instagram: @ryanjleone