Hello my name is Najah Farooq


I am a Fashion Stylist working toward taking control of the Black female narrative and image. I moved to NYC in 2015 with a goal of living authentically. Working in fashion, the lack of Black Women with a seat at the table made me extremely uncomfortable. I always felt the need to water down my Blackness, whether with my accent, fashion, hairstyles or any aspect of myself – and the act of ignoring my Blackness in pursuit of a career in Fashion made me feel empty and guilty. In order for me to be truly happy & fulfilled, I needed to blend my love of fashion and style with the love of my culture.

Many Black women are very frustrated with how the media portrays us and I don’t believe in waiting for someone else to do the right thing. I have no interest in passivity, I believe in being active. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself. I choose to use my natural skills to assist in the narration of Black womanhood, in all its forms.

Instagram: @najahf
Portfolio: https://spark.adobe.com/page/tSSPWpvE2VePk/