#HELLOMYNAMEIS Jennifer Peñaflor

Hello My Name Is Jennifer Peñaflor 

I am a creative spirit and have had careers in graphic design, fashion design and fashion PR. After a successful 3 year stint as a PR coordinator in the fine jewelry industry with a well known red carpet, celebrity jeweler - (working with top stylists in the industry who dressed A-list celebs like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Kate Hudson) - I decided that I wanted to return back to designing. I guess you can say I came full circle and realized my passion for graphic design couldn't be stifled. 


Hello my name is Najah Farooq 

I am a Fashion Stylist working toward taking control of the Black female narrative and image. I moved to NYC in 2015 with a goal of living authentically. Working in fashion, the lack of Black Women with a seat at the table made me extremely uncomfortable. I always felt the need to water down my Blackness, whether with my accent, fashion, hairstyles or any aspect of myself – and the act of ignoring my Blackness in pursuit of a career in Fashion made me feel empty and guilty. In order for me to be truly happy & fulfilled, I needed to blend my love of fashion and style with the love of my culture


Hello My Name Is Ryan Leone 

I am a professional photographer and videographer. I live in beautiful Astoria New York and work all through out the world utilizing my creative mind and talent for people and brands. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with  great companies to bring their message and culture through video and photography. 


Hello My Name Is Angel Ray

I'm an all around wordsmith. Musically inclined and lyrically SICK, my creativity expresses itself in the form of poetry, singing, rapping, prose writing (mostly fiction), screenwriting, and acting. Although I've been singing since I could talk, I didn't start writing my own songs until middle school. In high school, I found out I could rap and I actually had stage presence- It opened up a WHOLE NEW WORLD for me! I started performing my original material at local venues and even did a bit of studio recording, but still nothing major came of it.